Ragnarok : Fenrir Picture

AKA the Fate of the Gods...

Anyways.. Ragnarok if from the Norse Mythology that I have became very interested in now XDD..

Anyways... Most of you probably don't know the whole story and it'll sort of explain my picture if you knew. It's sort of inaccurate though.. @[email protected]

Anways... Ragnarok is the end of the world. The wolf Garm, Gaurdian of Hel, will howl loudly at the start of ragnarok. The cocks ((Forgot their names)) will crow for the world and the gods. The wolf Skoll and his sibling Hati, will devour the Sun and Moon. Fenrir and his Father, the trickster god Loki, will break their bonds and join the side of the giants against the god.

It's a very intersting story. Fenrir is a huge monter in the form of a wolf whose jaw touched the Earth and snout reaches the sky. The gods were afraid of his powers and decided to bind him. They challenged him with bonds and he broke through the first two chains. The gods then gave the Dwarves a task to create a bond sstrong enough to hold him. They developed one out of the footstep of a cat, the roots of the mountains, stuff, stuff.. a bunch of things that are said to be unexisted.

Blah blah stuff happened, don't wanna explain the whole story it's kinda long.

Anyways.. my inaccuracy is because he was bound with chains but he broke them. The unbreakable one was really thin thing and his mouth was held open with a sword.. which I excluded.. because I dunno @[email protected]

Yup... Pencil sketch :3
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