Gowon the Rainmaker Picture

Shh... quiet and Rafiki will tell you the tale of Gowon, the Rainmaker, the King of Elephants who towered over the world and whose tusks curled like the path of the sun. The Great Elephant who brought the rainy season to the Pridelands and with it all the animals who live here. He whose bones lay forever in the shadows where his subjects will travel mile upon mile to merely lay with him when their own circle of life is completed. He was here before the beginning and shall be here evermore.

^ desc. from TLKFAA
I made this for the TLKFAA contest. The theme this month is "How it all began..." so I figured I'd do a mythology bit x)
However, Gowon does provide the HUGE skull featured in the Elephant Graveyard. (Seen prominently in the "I laugh in the face of danger" scene and when the hyenas come out of the nostrils) That skull is impossibly large. So I thought it'd be cool to see the really, really big elephant that owned the skull before all the... flesh... rotted off. Heh.

Anyway, style-wise this was REALLY FUN TO DO. Hahaha. So stress-relieving. It was like SCRIBBLE YAY. And I like how it turned out, anyway. Thoughts?
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