Heart Fate Life Picture

I haven’t finished an original piece in forever and I just how do you draw??!? I drew the first version of this in October 2011, made a watercolor that I gave to a friend, and now this is the third version because I’m pretty much 500% done with everything. There were tons of mistakes I tried to correct, but all I did was make new mistakes OTL

Most of the stuff here doesn’t make any sense, but there is a story behind the pictures on their clothing. The scene on the skirt references the story of Chang’e, and the suns (those are suns btw) on the shirt are from the story of Houyi. Actually they’re pretty much one story, since Chang’e and Houyi were married. It’s from Chinese mythology, if you want to look it up, and my favorite version of the stories is the one where Chang’e isn’t blamed for everything because she’s a woman. There’s also the red thread but I think most people already know about it by now?

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