A Redtail's Dream: Repose Picture

A Redtail's Dream is a webcomic with gorgeous art and an amazingly frequent update schedule. It was pretty much my introduction to Finnish mythology, and once I get a good chunk of time I think I'm going to give the Kalevala a crack. Incidentally, aRTD's creator is also holding a fanart contest. c:

I figured that when (if?) Hannu and Ville got back home safe and sound, they'd reward themselves with a nice long nap in the sunlight. Several nice long naps, in fact. And Kokko, the nice giant magical spirit-eagle that she is, would drop in to check in on them every once in a while.

But only after she's finished helping the Swan of Tuonela deal with all the paperwork.

ARTD has a predominantly cool color scheme, and it was kind of strange working with a warm palette for this piece. I'm still trying to figure out an illustration style (or styles), this time with loads of inspiration from Pascal Campion. I'm also slowly learning how to not totally cop out on backgrounds.
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