Celestial Lovers Picture

This is an older illustration from my final year in college. It is a 2 part illustration depicting some of my favorite themes in mythology, folklore, and fairytales: star-crossed lovers, elements, and time.

I had spent a couple months reading before actually starting on this. I wanted to incorporate some things of my heritage as well as my interests. The story this is based off of is the boy who lives in sunlight and the girl who lives in moonlight who by chance meet.

The illustration is quite large, each board measuring 20x30 inches. I used watercolors, airbrush, copic markers, colored pencils, and even some acrylic paint and ink for touchup. It took over 2 months to complete and was presented to my boyfriend after it was displayed in the student artshow that spring.

As a final note- the image is supposed to connect cleanly in the middle, but due to warping from storage, it's difficult to match it. I also added the black border to clean the edges.
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