Fallen Picture

I credit the creator of the base -> [link]

I wanted to give Kovï an "improved" Shape.... ( Because you know... he has to have one, I mean... everyone does! XD) But in his case this "improved" form isn't something to be proud at, it is somekind of demon/hell-ish Kovatä thing.

He adquires it as he grows up because it is naturally hiden into his dna. Originally son of a devilish god Kovï starts adquiring all of those weird powers, this form shows up for the first time when he trys breaking the time line using Soth's scythe and the "kakera" of time into Mobius (or the earth if we're out of the furry kingdom) For everyone's fortune Zack, Sparkle and the rest of their team gets to stop him before it's too late.

This form will appear only when Kovatä's energy is full and constantly being fed ( par example if he has with him a source of power, chaos emeralds/ Piece of Kakera/ the ank/ other mythologic relics )

Since Kovatä is not supposed to be an evil god he doesn't find it cute to have a demonic shape, that's why he infact feels very ashamed of this shape of his.
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