Project Pantheon: High Chieftan Scale Sheet Picture

While Working on Ammit, I also thought it would be a good idea to work on my Thumbnailing skills (and that Ammit is a lot harder to design than I thought. I want to get the headress right).

These are the current design and look for each of the god-heads, and are subject to change in the future, especially Vishnu and the East Asian chieftans. Now, lets overview from left to right, detailing the thought process of each pose and inspiration:

Mars and Athena (and random soldier): Our heroes everyone! Mars wakes up after a long, long coma to find the universe is not as he thought it was, and Athena has been shattered to several soul pieces. The owl is her main vessel for her "main" soul/personality.

The Archangel Michael: The heaviest hitter of the bunch in raw, physical power. Designed in a way that you can clearly tell he's a tank, yet at the same time proportioned similar to a regular man, his boots has been enlarged to balance out his top-heaviness and to give a better feeling of weight. His pose is meant to be un-characteristically menacing for an Angel, as a reflection of his growing disillusionment with the state of the universe after winning the Omni War. Honor and being a good person in general is still pretty big part of him however, hence why his Fists are the highlight of his design, as they are his primary weapons and he believes it's more honorable to fight hand-to-hand.

The other heavy hitter, uses Cosmic Energy to back up his barages. His design was heavilly inspired by the artstyle of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, and is essentially The Star Platinum to Michael's ZA WARUDO aesthetically-speaking. In this setting, the current plan for Vishnu's powers is that his connection to the Cosmic Energy of the universe allows him to affect the space around him, either making time around him accelerate or warp around him (allowing him to absorb some of the shock of other heavy hitters, like Michael), but this requires some effort on his part, and doing so could have unintended consequences for his surroundings.

Sumerian Goddess and all-around psychopath, showing off that she doesn't need to turn into Tiamat to be capable of the hurt. Her design is meant to evoke the Zerg and Guyver, with a hint of Tyranid.
A MONKEY cannot hope to defeat a LION Gilgamesh!

An overtly-muscular Jaguar man, riddled with blades as a reference to that bloodiest of weapons... the Macuahuitl. Crouches a lot, because grandstanding ain't his style, and he'd much rather stick to the shadows.

The Jade Emperor:
Now with more grandstanding! He's meant to be a wide bloke, to reflect his wide grasp in his jade empire. Under all his refinery is a guy with major ego problems, and is quite the authoritarian jerk to everyone in the East-Asian Mythology Circle. This pose is probably him gloating to Amaterasu about the size and scope of his empire, and how "Everything is all under my Heaven". His crown still needs work tho.

The Sun goddess, so new to the setting but already becoming one of my favorite god-heads. Always trying the keep her people and realm safe, but as the unfortunate luck of having to deal with some of the most egotistical and manipulative rulers in the universe, the Jade Emperor, and this time without her siblings Tsukiyomi or Susanoo in good terms with her. Breaking with mythological 'canon', Orochi is still very much alive! Here sealed within Kusanagi, here represented as a sentient aura that can seep out even when sheathed.

The All-Father, hauling the head of an Alien god with Gugnir over his shoulder. Gugnir is an oversized spear/sword hybrid. He's the kind of person who'd probably consider defeating the head of alien pantheon and pillaging all in a days work, hence his rather pleased expression here. Also I added more scars than the last time I drew him.

Magician's Re-I mean- RA: The other Sun god of the setting, prefers to use his claws and manipulation of sunfire. While the pose is a bit OOC, it's meant to show how far he can stretch and how he's a lot hammier when not in, as
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