Day 20 - Nicodemus - Satyr Picture

((Music: Harry Gregson-Williams - Narnia Lullaby))

A figure believed by many travelers to be a phantom or a strange, hostile
forest spirit intent on protecting something deep in the Folóï Oak Forest. Those
who've crossed paths with him only see a mask made of oak bark and a pair of
glistening sickles, one in each hand. He never speaks to the intruders he faces,
or hardly lets them hear his own breathing. All he strives for is keeping them
from venturing any further into the woods, and chases them away in a hurry.
Folklorist and mythology researchers, who purposefully attempt to stumble upon
him, have all noticed he only appears to those who head east, towards the morning
sun and never at any other time or direction. The only person known to be in
relation to Nicodemus is Fletch the harpy, who initially intended to make prey of
him, but could not overtake him in combat and instead conveyed interest in him as
an equal, and the two became inseparable friends.

To be honest, I had this one planned out before any of the others. It's quite a shock that I've made it this far already. But I've still got a few more to go .......... I'm so exhausted!
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