Divine Monkeys Picture

Man, I've been working on this for two months bit by bit. Why monkeys? I'm very inspired by the Ramayana and Journey to the West and, hey monkeys are cool. Especially Hanuman and Sun Wukong. Both have great powers, are important figures in their stories and to their cultures and they are immortal monkeys. Well, Wukong is, Hanuman is described as a vanara (which, from what I read, are a divine race that looked like half monkey half human). And they fight demons! See monkeys are cool.

I changed Hanuman's design, making it look closer to the religious images of him(and a bit from the movies Hanuman and Hanuman Returns). And I think the crown looks better and a flower garland with the colors of India's national flag.

As for Sun Wukong, I was inspired by the TV/movies' portrayal of him. Especially Ling Tong's, Stephen Chow's and Dicky Cheung's. And this is what I came up with. I didn't have reference for his pose, so it looks a bit weird.

And who are the other guys? The monkey with the red shawl is Masaru, protector of the Hie Jinja shrine. He's related to the Japanese Houshin and Tendai traditions. I couldn't find more references on him. I designed him as a Japanese snow monkey with a red shawl (because monkey statues are dressed in red at the Hie Jinja).And he fight demons too!

And those three little monkeys are Mizaru (see no evil), Iwazaru (speak no evil) and Kikazaru (hear no evil). More info here
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