Tschervona Ruta Picture

According to folk believes it is only on the Midsummer day (Ivana Kupala day) that the commonly known yellow rude flower glows a fiery-red.

A girl, that happens to find the magical red rute flower ("tschervona ruta"), is therefore apt to believe that her love shall last for an eternal happiness.

A piece to continue the Asakura twins mythology series. This time -

Slavic Mythology.

Yoh as Dažbog, the Powerful God of true light, kindness and fertility, whose crown is the sun disc... Later his cult was assimilated with this of Jesus Christ himself.

Hao, as Dažbog's beloved wife Mara-Morana, the no less powerful Slavic Goddess of Winter & Death, but first of all the One, who governing over life and death guided the human souls into the new dimensions of life, be it the reincarnation, be it the entry into the "Nirvana" and "Paradise" like world...

The (Ivana) Kupala day...

Shaman King @ H. Takei.
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