Love Under the Morning Star Picture

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Laugh and cry, live and die;
life is a dream we are dreaming.
Day by day, I find my way.
Look for the soul and the meaning.

Then you look at me,
and I always see
what I have been searching for.
I'm lost as can be,
then you look at me
and l am not lost anymore.

People run, sun to sun,
caught in their lives ever flowing.
Once begun, life goes till it's gone.
We have to go where it's going.

Then you look at me,
and I always see
what I have been searching for.
I'm lost as can be,
then you look at me
and I am not lost anymore.

And you say you see
when you look at me,
the reason you love life so.
Though lost I have been,
I find love again.
And life just keeps on running,
and life just keeps on running...

You look at me and life comes from you.

- Celine Dion, "Then You Look At Me"

It's so totally their song...


Originally, I intended to do this to show the color differences between the two monsters, but as I colored it and it came to life, that plan went to hell. It became a moment, a feeling, an atmosphere - something I've had such trouble capturing in my art since day one. I didn't want to just slap a color around them and toss it up where it'd be forgotten the next day, so I airbrushed the beach and the horizon and the sky. Venus is heralding the sun's approach as they stand together in that silent, peaceful stillness that comes just before sunrise. Okay you mythology buffs, if you know who Venus is then you'll catch the symbolism of its presence
I JUST LOVE THIS PICTURE of Godzilla and Shezilla together. YES they are SMILING at each other! They are two kaiju who are very much in love...I mean, who says love is only for creatures capable of speech? What is it that keeps animals who mate for life together?

Godzilla and Shezilla may not logically know what love is like we do, but they sure know they feel kinda funny in a good way when they're together.

I get the giggles whenever I look at Godzilla's face here, he looks so twitterpated, doesn't he?
This picture is so cute that I made it my wallpaper
Okay I'm done blathering XD

Godzilla is not my creation, but Shezilla is and the story she came from is here.
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