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The left one is an incarnation of the sun god Ra (or Re). One the right is an incarnation of Seth.
Seth´s duty is to protect Ra during its sleep against the attacks of Apophis, a snake god (in some texts brother of Re), which wants to hinder the sun to rise, as Seth is the only one to withstand the hypnotic power of its eyes.
After Millenia of fighting, chatting, eating and living with Re, Seth, although a deep bond between these two gods established, starts to doubt the rightness of it being in an enlighted, structured, living place, as he is now at the side of Re. Also he starts to hate the human race, as they are slowly forgetting it, or fear it.
Aftern another incarnation cyrcle Seth finds out, that it is nothing more than a splitter of the entity Apophis, explaining its immunity to Apophis hypnotic sight and nearly same attributes (darkness, chaos, ...). With growing bitterness and dwindling feeling of acceptance by other "light" gods, it decides to fight for chaos.
Although shocked by the betrayal, Re can´t bring itself to hate Seth and tries to apell at its very own self, the soul which has developed apart from Apophis conscious.

Both, Seth and Re, do not have a sex, I just decided to draw them in this incarnation as females. Nevertheless I think I will draw some scene from happier days and then both male. (Tried to not use any gender vocabs in the description above, as they shouldn´t be any sex, sorry if it is therefore a bit unlovely to read
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