Festival Of Dawn Picture

A piece made for Deviant group 'Fantasy-Arts' masquerade contest (journal link here: www.deviantart.com/journal/CON…)

This was made to have the appeal of a storybook and stained glass, and it was made to tell a tale of Mother Nature and the world's dawn (inspired by the many different stories of world creation in mythology).

Molding a masquerade setting with the great outdoors was a challenging experience, but also an enjoyable one. It was also the first piece where I completely avoided adding black.

I hope you enjoy it~

This piece was made using basic white paper and colored pencils. It was also edited on Corel Painter 11 using the 'Just Add Water' tool and various photo effects.

Day lily reference: images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=ht…

Bumblebee reference: images.duckduckgo.com/iur/?f=1…

Rainbow reference: images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=ht…

Artwork copyrighted by Aetherrevival, 2015
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