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The Pombéro is a mythical humanoid creature of small stature being from Guaraní mythology. The legend, along with other mythological figures from the Guaraní, is an important part of the culture in the region spanning from
northeast Argentina northward through the whole of Paraguay and southern Brazil.

Pombero's original name in the Guaraní language is Kuarahy Jára, literally "Owner of the Sun", though he is said to be a primarily nocturnal creature. In some parts of Argentina he is known primarily by the Spanish translation of his name, "Dueño del Sol". Although accounts of the Pombero's appearance and nature vary slightly from one community to the next, he is usually described as being short and ugly, with hairy hands and feet. His hairy feet are said to give him the ability to walk without being heard. He is also often described as wearing a large hat and carrying a knapsack over his shoulder. It is also said that the Pombero generally dwells in rural areas, living in the forest, although he will sometimes choose to inhabit an abandoned house.
As a forest dweller, the Pombero is said to be able to imitate the sounds of various forest creatures. Most specifically it is believed that the Pombero can imitate birdsong, especially those of a nocturnal variety, and as such is viewed as something of a protector of the birds.

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El Pombero o Pomberito es un personaje imaginario multifacético de la mitología guaraní, muy popular en la región del Paraguay y el noreste argentino. Se lo conoce también con los nombres de Pyragué (pies peludos), Karaí pyhare (Señor de la noche) y Kuarahy jára (Dueño del sol, tal como se lo conoce en el mito mbyá del sur del Brasil).
Lo definen como un hombre de baja estatura, fornido, moreno y retacón, con abundante vellosidad en partes especificas y brazos tan largos que los arrastra. A veces usa un enorme sombrero de paja y luce andrajoso, puede llevar una bolsa al hombro

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