Atoa Dex Rradgling Picture

Name: Rradgling
Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: Reflector/Flash Fire
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Sun Bird Pokemon
Entry: This Pokemon is said to be born of the flames of the sun, and its golden helmet restricts the power of its fire. Because of this, many cannot access their true potential early on. Its vibrant red feathers blaze like fire while flying, giving it the nickname “Flying Sun.”
Hp Stat: 2/5
Atk. Stat: 3/5
Def. Stat: 2/5
Spc. Atk. Stat: 2/5
Spc. Def. Stat: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Possible Moves: Ember, Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Iron Defense, Tailwind, Will-O-Wisp

It's a bird... a bird of flames! Rradgling is based off of Ra, the Egyptian sun god. Of course, it's not a powerful avian, now is it? Perhaps its evolution is stronger...? Anyways, I don't own Pokemon, just ideas for new Pokemon. Enjoy!
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