they come from space Picture

This is my sconed contest entery for :iconztack: contest .hope he likes it.

-Astroul (Fromm Astro or Astral, which mean star-Soul)
- psy/ghost type
-stardust Pokémon
-scientist beveled that this Pokémon contain fragment of the galaxy left over from the big bang.

Evos in to Apolosion with max happiness and in the day time.

- Apolosion (Apollo, god of Sun in Greek mythology and Explosion)
- psy/fire type
-the super nova Pokémon
- This Pokémon body is a consistent Explosion, making extreme heat.

Evos in to Dianide with max happiness and night.

- Dianide (Diana, goddess of moon in roman mythology ands Tide, moon control tides)
- ghost/water type
- the moon Pokémon
- The ice crystals in Astroul melt making the water with it controls.

Levels up with stardust

- Stellux (Stella means star in Italian and lux means light in Latin)
- psy/light type
-the star Pokémon
- This Pokémon is said to grant one wish in it life time but this is just a myth.

Levels up with black glass

- Nigrillow (Nigris means black in latin and Hollow)
- ghost/dark type
- the black hole Pokémon
- This Pokémon use is it black hole on it stomach to eat any thing. What ever is eaten is talented some were else.

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