Devourer of moon : Bakunawa and Haliya Picture

short story in six pages

It's a short story I've made, based on two mythological figures from Philippines culture - Bakunawa, a gigantic sea serpent, and Haliya, the masked godess of moon; they're enemies. Hope you like it.

Any mistake is only my fault; sorry about it.

This is my entry for the contest named World Mythologic Contest…

Description: In Philippines culture, in particular among the ancient Bikolanos, two deities are Bakunawa and Haliya: the first is a giant sea serpent which devours sun and moon, for this reason it's considered the cause of the eclipses and it's the archenemy of Haliya, the masked goddes of the moon. When Haliya is not present Bakunawa take a woman appearance.
I've found no scripts or references about them: books in my city libraries have no infos about, and the same on internet(there is only a copy and pasta in each site). So I decide to rappresent the meeting between these two deities from my own.

You can find the single pages here:

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