Flipside Six (and Twilight) Picture

I started working on this one probably about ten months ago... shortly after posting the Lunaverse Six. The problem was, I didn't really have an appropriate screen shot, because I was using a screen shot of six mares, and this group has four stallions. So it languished in the unfinished bin. Then, lo and behold, Pinkie Pride comes out, nicely dividing the screen into six sections, including one containing Spike! I scrapped the majority of the original project and went back to work, dividing the section that was originally an extreme close-up of Twilight (party on Wayne, party on Garth) in half (sort of) to squeeze in a seventh character.

So, from left to right:

Spike"Purple Prose" Flail - The Element of Magic in Flipside, Spike is a reporter for the Canterlot Sun. Instead of a tiara, his element is part of his journalist's hat.

Twilight Sparkle - Where Spike is the pony, Twilight is the dragon in this universe. I tried to match her appearance up a little better with the original artist's concept of her as well as Bed Head's description in Chapter One of the story. In other words, swapping out the pink belly for Cloudchaser lavender, and her back scales are more straight edged than Spike's.

Big McIntosh - Element of Loyalty.

Time Turner - Element of Generosity, and not explicitly tied to any Dr. Who mythology in this particular instance. Save's Twilight's life during the course of the story, and thus Twilight might harbor a bit of a crush, parallel to Spike / Rarity in canon (and even as a pony, ironically enough).

Ditzy Doo - Element of Laughter.

Cheerilee - Element of Kindness. What is it with Kindness and their connection with animals? Fluttershy and the Manticore, Manehattan Octavia and the "Savage Beast," and Cheerilee and an Ursa...

Finally, Thunderlane is the Element of Honesty.

Heh... I forgot to add the link to the story: Flipside by Bed Head.
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