Gryphus Pogona Picture

█ August 27, 2016

Got the urge to draw a gryphon (probably because I have a mythology college class), but one without wings (those are a hassle, dude). Instead I gave it tufts of feathers at the shoulders, very much inspired by my own bearded dragon's little "wings" (I like to think they're a precursor to full wings, haha~)
So I've called it a "gryphus pogona" - bearded dragon-inspired gryphon. They live in hot and arid environments and also enjoy basking in the sun. While basking or feeling relaxed, their colors grow more bright and vivid (this one shown is vivid; the background has its duller colors). With an extra pouch connected to the throat, their neck feathers can flare up in excitement or defense. They make loud hisses, softer repetitive chirping sounds, and low rumbling purrs. Rather than flying, they sprint to catch prey and escape danger. They are excellent jumpers and climbers. They eat insects, cactus fruits and flowers, and rarely some small prey.
Yeah, I really thought out this simple concept.
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