Azurian tribe reference (Closed species) Picture

This species and the Magicae kingdom is currently closed, you can only get characters through adopts for now.

Kingdom: The azurians are the sailers of the vast skies above the magicae kingoms. they're one of the smaller cities since their islands are the only ones currentley excisting.
they´re known for the expanded knowledge of advanced, ancient architecture. their capital " Cor caeli" the heart of the sky. their exports consists of mostly of the energy powder found deep within the crystalized caves of the nebula islands (the islands used for mining the minerals)
since these bird like cats live in the skies it is also short on prey, that´s why their tribe is mostly farmers. they grow special fruits that can only be obtained from the unusual, spiraly of these mysterious islands, the trees roots glow from a special life energy mass that the trees suck from the saphire blue waters inside the islands in order to grow. the azurians can only harvest the frouts at sun down when the temperatures are balanced and the fruits can get enough warmth and cold to produce their sweet juice.
their king " Deus" the great bird lives in a castle built from ancient times with marble like stone walls.
the azurian tribe has a strong alliance with the Aquarian tribe beacause the ocean is just underneath the islands, their kings came to an agreement of truce after the great 100 year war 2000 years ago, and ti´ll this day they still bare the same bond, passed down from king to queen to keep the promise no matter what. that´s also why these kingdoms export food and gear between eachother. they´re enemies with the ignitians and will fight with aquarians if they decide to strike.

the azurians are also the keepers of the tempus cave. a place housing only the strongest amount of energy, able to grant anything the abilitiy to fly no matter how heavy or unlikley.

exports: spiraly fruits,spahire lotus, sky sycamore leaves, fruit juice, asperatus silver, sky flower medecin, energy crystall minerals/powder, and plain weat.

mythology: secret for now

keepers of: The tempus cryastal sphere

more information to come.

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