Banzai Mascot 2012 Sketch Picture

So in continuing my, "Get off my ass and draw something", this is the intial sketch for the Anime Banzai Mascot Contest for next year. The theme is Japanese mythology, so I decided to go wtih the two characters that came to my mind first, the sun goddess Amaterasu and the god of sea and storms Susanoo, done in my usual fantasy thing.

I tried to incorporate a bit of the Japanese royal family regalia here, with Amaterasu holding a mirror and Susanaoo a sword. Turns out the sword is more like a gladius than a katana, which surprsied me a bit, so I based it on taht. I intend to add some nicer lightnign motifs to it though and the goal is some cool lighting crackling about it. The Mirror will probably be similarly glowing and magicy-looking.

Next step is inks I guess.

And stuff.
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