MOTME-Apophis, Serpent of Chaos Picture

Meh, I'll upload a better image later. After I sleep.

Well, when I found out the theme for #MMD-Mall's monthly contest was Mythology, the first thing to come to my head was Egyptian, followed by Apophis. So I ended up not only humanizing this serpent, but also gender-bending it, mainly because I wasn't going to pull off the design I wanted with a male.

So, Apophis is, as far as I know, kind of not known all to much. So here's the basics: he's a 16-yard-long snake who really wants to defeat Ra (sun god) on his daily journey across the sky, effectively getting rid the sun, which would plunge the world into chaos for the rest of time, which Apophis wants.

Side note: I tend to look at red a being a chaos color, hence all the red.

Base: *HousekineMinto, Kio [link]
Nails: *Duekko, Kio [link]
Hair: *MmdMiko [link]
Fangs: ~Trippy-Rabbit [link]
Snakebites: ~Gege900[link]
Top: ~Minamimoto777 [link]
Coat: ~Jomomonogm [link]
Dog Tag: !MikaAngel30 [link]
Pants: ~Green-Fighter [link]
Boots: =Jjinomu, Nakao [link]
Eye Texture: *DasChui [link]
Hair Texture: ~aleciad23 [link]

Sword: ~amiamy111, 3DGC [link]
Skydome: ~kaahgome [link]
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