Samhain Picture

Happy Samhain everyne! For Pagans this is the beginning of the New Year. It's a Day to honor your ancestors and those who have passed on. This year, I honored my grandfather and my father.

in this manip the girl is the goddess, in Wiccan mythology she is pregnant with the God's child (who will be reborn at Imbolc). She represents the dark half of the year so until Midsummer she is the dominant force. the God, standing behind her, is growing old and will die at Yule. The force of the sun is waning as the days get shorter and colder. the gateway represents the thinning of the veil between the worlds. On Samhain, spirits can pass freely between the land of the living and the otherworld.

Traditions include, feasting, drinking, putting candles in your windows to guide the spirits, jack-o-lanterns, divination, writing letters to deceased loved ones, lighting candles in honor of them or honoring them in some other way. Also leaving out food and drink for the spirits passing through. (even the dead get hungry and thirsty)

trick or treating and dressing up are not traditional to samhain. They are strickly american inventions. (which doesn't mean you shouldn't participate!)

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