Demodands Picture

Demodands: Also known as Deodands, these humanoid beasts originated from the far distant future where the sun is nearing its end and human civilization is all but dead. These creatures are some of many that have been dropped into the modern day era due to these tares in reality called Time Slips that would randomly open up. A normal demodand would appear as handsome, muscular human men but with large, long slit eyes and dead black colored skin with patches of hair on the oily body.

Demodands that have been living in the modern world for some time would, strangely, under go a horrific metamorphosis as the body would break down, becoming ugly and twisted, growing fat as
wings sprout from the back and the skin secreting more a sticky tar like oil from its pours. Demodands are carnivorous predators who have hunted unsuspecting humans whenever they get a chance. People who have encountered these creatures and lived described them to be like a mix wolverines, humans, and the mythological basilisk due to their ferocious nature, deadly glare, and of course, their humanoid appearance.

Demodands/Deodands (c) Dungeons and Dragons, The Dying Earth, Jack Vance

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