Planetalia Picture

Introducing~PLANETALIA!!! Read below pleases

In order from left to right~
-the Sun(Helios)
Oldest, hence the glasses, and tallest(largest). He might be gay, since he's so stylish. Or just a creeper, cause he's getting awfully close to Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. He has orange hair with the tips yellow, like the corona of the Sun

The fastest moving planet, and redish-orange in color. He has wings on his shoes like Hermes/Mercury in Greek/Roman mythology. He always tries flirt with Venus, but she doesn't accept his advances

Aphrodite/Venus was the goddess of love and beauty in Greek/Roman mythology, so she's wearing the toga and girdle, gladiator sandals. She has blue eyes and golden hair like the goddess in myths

-the Moon(Selene. Girl name, I know, but the moon was a girl)
In a relationship with the Earth, and she is his world. Quite literally. He has gray eyes like the craters in the moon, and wears a pristine suit.

She has sky blue eyes, and has brown hair with green like the earth. Her dress goes from green to light blue to blue to dark blue, like the ocean as you go deeper.

I picture him as a biker. He has red eyes and he's commonly called Red(red planet). Jupiter is bothering him right now, calling him small. He's a vicious little guy like Ares, who was god of war in mythology

Second tallest(largest planet), his left eye is red due to storms on the surface of the planet, on the left side. His sweatshirt mimics the coloring of the planet. He has between 3 and 4 dozen moons, meaning he's a pimp. And not all of them are chicks, if you must know.

She has a line across her face signifying the rings, and she wears rings on nearly every finger. She hula-hoops constantly too. Her hair and eyes are about the same color as the surface of the planet

Very shy and embarrassed by his name, Neptune and Saturn are trying to reassure him constantly. He has a line diagonal across his face signifying the rings around the planet. His hair and skin have no explanation, but his eyes and sweater vest mimic the coloring of the planet's surface

He carries a trident everywhere like Poseidon/Neptune in mythology, and wears a toga and gladiator sandals like Venus. One eye is darker because of storms on the planet, much like on Jupiter.

White eyes, gray hair, and always cold like the dwarf planet. She looks kinda creepy... I didn't mean to do that, but hey, who cares?

I plan on doing separate bios for each with everything about them, and continue with comics. You are welcome to draw them, but GIVE ME CREDIT. I WILL hunt you down should you not.

Planetalia (C) Aisling Jelinski, aka bogside-girl.

And one of my friends came up with the original concept, but no one can remember who. I give whoever it was credit for the idea
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