Lightning Clash Thor action figure Picture

This the Thor action figure that I got last year at Target. It is Lightning Flash Thor where if you push on his head, his hammer lights up. Thor is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes along with Wolverine, Spiderman and Hercules since he defeated the Skrull Gods in Secret Invasion. Only problem I have with Marvel's Norse Mythology is how Marvel switched Loki's parents' names and the Warriors Three. I probably understand that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby might have gotten the names mixed up on Loki's parents on accident, but it's been nearly 70-60 years and someone could have corrected their names over all those years. In Norse Mythology, Farbauti is Loki's Father and Laufey is his Mother, but in Marvel Comics Laufey is Loki's Father and Farbauti is his mother. Could you imagine how confused a child who is a fan of the Thor comics and films decides to do a report on Norse mythology and finds this out, and probably might feel a little dissapointed for thinking the comic is entirely true on genealogy. Even DC comics has Loki's parents are accurate and Norse mythology is hardly even mentioned in DC universe. As for the Warriors Three, I don't understand their purpose, and why they were created and their backstory. I know they're not in actual Norse Mythology, but still, every character needs a good backstory

Also, I'm sure that some of you have heard of the Screwattack DeathBattle match between Thor and Raiden. I like both of them because thunder and lightning is an awesom and divine element but I'm leaning towards Thor, but I'm sure Raiden can do damage and is pretty knowledgable. But Mjolnir is a weapon Raiden might have a problem avoiding

EDIT: Thor won in Death Battle. Let's just say Raiden's death was very gruesome and it involved the sun

Thor (c) Norse Mythology

Marvel version of Thor (c) Marvel and unfortunately, Disney

Update: I took a photo of the one I owned
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