Deities Picture

Some deities.
Zeus - holding a lightning bolt, which he uses as a weapon.
The Great Mother - from many mythologies, the mother of all life (sometimes Raea or Cybele) - the pregnant lady.
Jack Frost - more a spirit then a deity, the personification of winter, cold and snow.
Ganesha - the god of pleasure and happiness; his head was cut off by Shiva when he was born, so it was replaced for the first one found, an elephant's head.
Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun (the orange lady on the Sun)
Kokopelli - the trickster and seductive god (the brown guy with many antennae)
Demeter - the goddess of plants and agriculture (green lady holding a flower)
Neptune - god of sea (with the trident)
Selena - Good goddess of the Moon (lady on the Moon)
Pan - god of music and forests (the satyr)
Bastet - cat-headed goddess of the animals
Quetzalcoatl - half-snake half-bird god (the dragon)
Belenos - the god of light (the firefly man)
Hecate - the goddess of darkness, like dark magic and the dark side of the moon.
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