Apollo 'Dizzy' Soul concept Picture

ANNNNDDDDD this is Rockman's Apollo aka Dizzy Soul... with the retarded drawing of the male version of Dizzy's Guitar Striker. [link]

Okay I have no idea if this is actually a Soul unison since Rockman actually is souling with himself since Dizzy was born from his data.

The reason I decided to name the soul unison was because the mythology Diana had a twin brother named Apollo. Of course in the story Addy and Netto nickname it Dizzy soul. Rockman's armor is the flipped version of his little sister. Where she has magenta and purple, his is purple and magenta.

His charm is the sun. Unlike Dizzy's Diana Bell, He has the Rockbell that is shaped like the sun.

Rockman's Dizzy combat is actually different from his sister's. She attacks like a ballerina with martial arts. He does break dance with judo.

rockman (c) capcom
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