Persistence Picture

i am just a jumble of phrases pictures words and crazes
a day late and a dollar short
a mistake that was made to abort
thank god for purpose
i breathe again, again, again
and anyway.


Like the average young adult I've been having constant moments of hearing the world come undone while I'm maintaining a life that will ultimately lead to me resting easy at night. With all of the economic pressures of my community, my family - school, trying to find work, sometimes I just think I'm meant to constantly fuck up, be a day late and a dollar short. But when I think I'm meant to be a problem, I just remember that I'm still alive, and I'm still breathing, so there's always time for things to change. I seem to constantly be full of hitting-rock-bottom-moments, but i somehow convince myself that everything will be okay, even if at this point? I can't quite snap out of some habits anymore. If the sun still rises and I still breathe, things aren't as bad as I think.

I dunno, it was heavy what I realized. Explaining it only sort of works.

Graffiti has long stood out to me as the outcry of cultures in cities. It's this beautiful defacement of something. Graffiti can be very powerful, but whenever I see it, I think "there's someone fighting something". Even if it is just a vandalism wall.

Irises have been a symbol of wisdom, luck - and also Death, if you've paid attention to Greek Mythology at all. Well, the God was named Iris, but anyway. It's an image of one crafted out of metal, like now its symbolism can't be shaken. Plus I fell in love with the image itself. Not sure why, but it will probably pop back up in another work soon.

This image [link] by Lilystox is the base for the figure.
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