Tear Picture

Alright, this is for the 100 pictures challenge, this one is tear. When I read them over, this poped into my mind. I have been way to obsessed with mythology lately.

This is the mother sky. When the univerese was still new and young there was father sun and mother sky. They wanted children. So the sky pulled out her teeth to create the planets. The sun, excited to be a father rushed to hug his kids, he forgot his own firey power and burned the first 3 kids, once the sky realized what was happening she cast her other kids far away where he husbands fire could not burn them. However, far from their mother and father, these planets grew distant and cold. When the sky saw what happened she cried a single tear which landed on the earth. In the tear was the spark of life. Now the earth had water it was no longer the firey rock it once was.

yes the embryo has a tail everyone at one point I heard had a tail, also I thought it sort of went along with the whole tagpole to frog, fish to land animals thing, but of course it made more sense in my head and Im gonna post it now before i think about it too hard and it ends up lost somewhere in my pile of drawings of ideas past.
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