Darker Side of the Moon Picture

My entry for: Anniversary Event

This took waaay longer than it should have, as is everything right now. But anyways, to have a black sphinx and a white sphinx was one of my biggest goals in tokotas. I wanted yin and yang tokos, but my black ended up being male but I'm not complaining! LOL. The first idea I had I scrapped but will probably finish another time. This idea happened because I wanted to include Zareth (who won't count because it's not a fullbody image but oh well he's in here LOL). So Zareth is representing Fenrir while S-13 (albino) and Pharaoh (black) represent Skoll and Hati from Norse mythology.

I think picking a favorite was too hard. If I could have drawn all of mine I would have but... I narrowed it down to three. xD

Tokota Name: S-13
Tokota Import: S-13 1078
Class: -My Favorite Tokota-

Tokota Name: Pharoah of Jackals
Tokota Import: Pharaoh Of Jackals 4134
Class: -My Favorite Tokota-

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