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"Aiskhylos apparently identifies Maia 'the nursing mother' with Gaia 'the Earth.' On several occasions he calls the earth-goddess Gaia Maia (Mother Earth) and pairs her with Hermes Khthonios ('of the Earth')."

"Those beloved of the gods die young." -Homeric hymn to Apollo.


The English names in Ace Attorney are glorious. Here's a tribute to the mythological dimensions, mostly concentrating on the seven-years-later part of the games. Sun and moon and legendary birds, the stars of the sky and the clay of the earth. It's not just a one-to-one analogy, though; I mean for one thing Athena clearly has a moon theme but they named her Athena not Diana probably because Apollo already has a sister. And so this is about all the names used, but also themes like Hemera and Nyx, Erebus and Eos.

And I do hereby curse, gibbet, and denounce in execrationem perpetuam atque aeternam those who reject those latter games! They are beautiful and increase the Eucharist-figuring and bring things to such fulfillment!

I had to make up older designs for Kay and Gumshoe; I rather like what I did. There was a lot I wanted to say about the depth of all the symbolism, but it all rather falls short, so just look at the picture.

I did want to be sure to get this done before the next game comes out next month, in case they add or change up something. There's already something now that I've seen the trailer--I had Maya's bangs grown out 'cause I figured that might be something that would happen in the seven years, but it turns out she looks almost exactly the same! Ah well, I kept it this way, 'cause I like how it looks here. Also this was kinda practice for another picture that I gotta finish real soon which is also awesome!

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