Xihe and Chang'e Picture

My Vhi. ;u; I know I said I wouldn't make Vhi for myself but HNNNGH MY BABBIES. QAQ

According to Chinese mythology, Xihe was the wife of the Jade Emperor and mother of 10 suns, three-legged birds able to produce light and heat. Each morning, she would drive one sun in a carriage across the sky from east to west. One day, however, all 10 suns decided to rise at once and fly together. The heat from the 10 suns scorched and burned the earth until a divine archer shot down all but one. Naturally, Xihe was heartbroken and her angry husband banished the archer to live on Earth as a mortal.

Chang'e was the beautiful young daughter of a water deity who worked in the Jade Emperor's palace in heaven. One day, she accidentally broke a valuable porcelain jar and was banished to Earth. There, she befriended an archer. After the archer killed the 9 suns to save the earth from overwhelming heat, he was hailed as a hero by the mortals, became king and married Chang'e. However, the archer king became afraid of death and began to seek immortality. He procured an immortality pill. Chang'e, who missed heaven, swallowed the pill. The archer king grew angry and tried to shoot down Chang'e; however, she jumped out of a window and rose to the moon, where she will forever live alone.

Of course, there are several variations of this story. This is the version I know from childhood.

I imagine these Vhi have a somewhat analogous backstory, Xihe having lost a child and Chang'e secluding herself from the rest of the world. I'll flesh these out later.

Neither of these are open for breeding, sorry. eue; I'll make more pretties to adopt out and those will be breedable.
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