Khepri, The Dawn Bringer Picture

SMITE LORE (skip if you're not interested):
"At dawn, the sun lifts above the horizon, bathing mankind in color and life. At dusk, it sinks beneath the edge of the world, lost to sight, casting all into darkness. While the sun shines on the realm of mortal kind it is radiant Ra that guides it, but at night we share the sun with the underworld. It is not Ra that moves the sun along its subterranean path but Khepri, the scarab God, he who comes with the dawn.
Scarabs form dirt and dung into perfect spheres. Within, they lay eggs from which their young emerge fully formed. Using powerful arms and legs, scarabs can roll these spheres - many times their own size - incredible distances. It is from their father, Khepri, the sacred scarab gained this power. For the Dawn Bringer, the Sun is his sphere and all souls, living and dead, his children.
Khepri is a guardian, a protector and a friend. He is a symbol of power and loyalty. Usually content to stay aloof, Khepri has risen for battle to defend existence from this shattering war. He will fight to shield us until the final sunset. Yet, it is he that brings the dawn."

Finally, a new entry walks among my sprites. It is the massive scarab that brings us the sun. Aparantly, he is pushing Amaterasu? Or maybe Hou Yi? It's strange to mix mythologies like that...

Anyway, this is another full custom (aside from the face and shoulder protection), just like Geb was. I like how he turned out, really. You may say: "But Apo, he isn't all that big!" Well, he seems massive, but is about the same height as Apollo in SMITE, so my sprite is not much bigger than Apollo either. So yeah. Deal with it
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