Beren and Luthien Picture

Back in '99 our class was asked by the teacher to interpretate a poem or song in ink, the song or poem we were free to choose individually. Actually we did three such works, but only one will be mentioned here. I had recently bought a little gift book which included all the poems from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and wanted to do my own interpretation to the song about Beren & Luthien.
The drawing I did then has later been partly destroyed in water, but in 2002 I made another attempt, both similar and vastly different, after reading Silmarillion. This image contains more symbolics related to that specific mythology (the sun and moon, a silmaril, ++), as well as having a both softer (rounder?) feeling, not being as stylized as the first version. It is also twice as big..
Drawn in blue ink on a sheet of aquarelle paper 50x70cm. This is the first of three ink drawings based on fiction literature I have made. There also are a few closeups available, ask if you are interested. The photo is a bit tilted.. I know and apologize.
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