Tikbalang Picture

The tikbalang is a traditional Filipino mythological creature. Interpretations of what it is and does tend to differ from province to province.

The traits that do agree, however, paint it as a trickster who tends to mislead travelers by forcing them to go in circles. Ways to prevent or stop this are wearing your shirt inside-out or saying the words, "tabi-tabi po," which basically mean excuse me.

When it rains and the sun is shining, it said that tikbalangs are getting married. May kinakasal na tikbalang.

Described as having a horse-like appearance it is also stated to have legs so long that its knees go higher than its head when it squats down.

I swear, I need a new scanner. My current one just isn't doing it for me. So much detail and shading was lost during scanning and was only barely (and frankly badly) recovered by Photoshop and its sharpening masks.
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