Myth + Luna Sol n Nox Picture

Well thought I would upload something...

Well on May 3rd I had a mythology creative assignment due. Out of all the options, I created an original myth. Which explains about how we got the stars, and how on some days we can see the Moon and Sun out at the same time, and then on the days we do not see one of them while the other is out.... If that makes sense...cause god my brain is dead. =A=

Anyways these are the OCs I created for the story.

We have Luna and Sol...then the villain Nox (in his two forms).

To be honest I am proud of this art... even though it was done from 2-4 am last week. XDD

I may post the creative myth here sometime...

But I am not gonna lie... that day in myth was awesome. We had cupcakes, McDonalds and Starbucks. xDD

Anyways... onto work on more English Comp 2 shit. =A=

Also... care to guess what their names in English are? xD Should be pretty easy. XD

Luna, Sol and Nox belong to me
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