Planet Adoptable [2] Picture

So here we have Venus the brightest planet.

Venus is a very beautiful planet,bright enough to be viewed as the evening and morning star from earth. Other than that it's landscape consists of rocky craters filled with magma,being so close to the sun it can go up to a wooping 750 K in the morning,beating Mercury in his tracks. This aside,Venus also has a highly toxic air shrouding it with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. In astrology Venus is the planet of the Taurus and Libra,it shows gentleness,passion,mystery and in indecisivess. And of course in the mythological way it is named after the equally beautiful goddess of love Aphrodite

Venus belongs to: =Kavaro

Her design somehow came natural to me,unfortunately it's less of a greek more of a indian patterned dress. Clouded in mystery with quite the burning passion beneath it. Her gloves and boots are firing hot and of course the mist around her is highly toxic. Other than that I tried to show her off as a beautiful,frisky but gentle lady.

used image of the planet for background

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