King Oak and King Holly Picture

Thus is the story of King Oak and King Holly. They battle fiercely throughout the spinning of the wheel, and twice a year a winner is announced.
Around June 21st, when the day is longest, King Holly prevails. From that moment on the days grow darker and it is time to harvest, to gather all that you need to live through the raining seasons.
And then, when the day is darkest, around December 21st, victory belongs to King Oak. The days grow lighter from that moment on and the frost is relieved, as the time arrives to plant your seeds and to welcome to warm sun.
And so it goes one, forever and ever... as long as the wheel turns. (until Ragnarok!... but that's a different kind of mythology xD)


I chose a rather playful style for this one, as a try-out for pagan kids illustrations ^^
Acrylics and pastels.
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