Ragnarok Picture

Ragnarok (Acrylic and Ink)

In Norse mythology, Ragnarök — typically spelled Ragnarǫk in the handwritten scripts — is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki). It's the end of days battle. Ragnarok means The fate of the gods. Loki comes with the ship made of nails of the death, to destroy the world. Loki brings an army of death, giants and many monsters, like the giant snake of Midgar Jörmungandr and wolf Fenrir.
In the painting, fire giant Surtr kills Freyr, with the sword brighter than sun and wolf Fenrir eats Odin. After the battle, people flee their homes and sun becomes black while the earth sinks into the sea, the stars vanish and Surtrs fire consumes earth, heaven and hell.
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