Nagaina, Temple Dancer Picture

Inspired by ~Neshomeh's "Kick Your Own Ass" contest entry, I resolved to do the same. The subject: take one of your old drawings and redo it, showing how you've improved in the meantime. Well, this is my redo of an old piece--a tribute to the former queen of DA drama and naga artist extraordinaire, *snapesnogger. The original picture is at [link]

For this version, though, I wanted to expand on the dancer idea. I gave the snake figure a more decorative costume, and set the scene in a temple during a religious ceremony. You can't see it very much, but I designed a Mayan-style mural for the back wall, featuring two mythological naga figures bringing the sun into being and so creating the naga people. I liked the idea of cold-blooded creatures worshipping the sun, because it gives them the warmth to live.

This definitely kicked my ass; it feels like I've been working on it for weeks! I took some tips from the kindly =Keeny-kun about transparent brushes, and that sure helped smooth the process--but when you're drawing a snake-person, there's no getting around the vital issue of scales! Since I don't own a tablet, and the original drawing didn't have enough fine detail to add them in ink, I wound up drawing every single bloody scale with a mouse. My fingers hate me right now.
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