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like pegasus the mare was born from blood. The blood of the gods. Golden ichor. The golden ichor of the godess of the night. Nyx. The mare arose slowly at first. A dark set of ears, a large head, with glowing white eyes set inside. The mare began rising faster and faster, emerging from the golden ichor. As her forelegs emerged she pulled the rest of her body out and stood. shaking her shiny black pelt. she reared and whinnied, in a furious frenzy. The goddess Nyx tried to calm the horse but to no avail. Many weeks passed, with the mare struggling to escape the goddess Nyx, and son poseidon, god of the sea and horses, had heard tell of the night horse. He arrived the day after he heard the new. Immediately the mare calmed down as he spoke to it. "i am afraid" she had said "afraid of the cod darkness that lays within the goddess"
"so you should be" he replied "Nyx is a powerful and fierce goddess. and has many years of anger bottled up."
Poseidon then took themare, and quickly they fled past Nyx, the mare to swift for the giant goddess.
as they emerged into the daylight the mare shivered, and she did so until they were under the shade of a tree.
As poseidon dismounted he saw her breath heaving and her eyes dulland glazed with pain. He realised that this are was not meant for daylight. She had been born from the night. and to the night she belonged.
This is how he came to gift the mare to artemis.

The mare spent many years, escorting and fighting alongside her mistress. She was Happy in the dark.
But she was not immortal and soon it was her time.
She lay down by a sacred river, and after may hours a foal lay beside her.
A foal with a gleaming cremello pelt, and orange eyes that seemed to hold the sun.
He looked at his mother but she was already fading away into starlight, lighter with each passing moment. She was soon nothing more then a twinkling star in the sky, leaving her legacy behind with the sun.

This is my half of an AT with qBATGIRLq
she is an mazing friend and so i knew i had to do something special.
i also couldn do her first request. and i had to make up for that!
since we both like greek mythology i decided to include that as my main subject.
i really hope you like it!
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