Elements of a Whole 'Nother Kind Picture

Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, a little something based on my observation of my two favorite OTPs- LunaMac and NaruHina.

Given that Luna is the Princess of the Moon, and the moon is responsible for the tides, I figured that she would be quite in-tune with the element of water. Not to mention that water has also been associated with emotion, compassion, divination, intuition, healing, dreams and psychical abilities, all of which describe Luna quite well.

As for Macintosh, he is an Earth Pony, so I think to correlation is quite obvious here. In addition, the earth element is linked with strength, stability and abundance, which fits Big Mac to a T.

Moving on to Hinata, her pony form is a Pegasus, but since the Hyuuga are linked to the sun, and her names means "a sunny place", it was only fitting that she would be given the element of fire, since element of fire shows up in mythological stories all across the world, often in stories related to the sun. At first glance, she might not seem to be the right candidate of the Fire Element; but aside from its destructive properties, fire is also known to be capable of the renewal of life through warmth and comfort, a very defining trait of Hinata's character. Also, the Twin Lion Fists/Wings look like lion heads made of blue fire.
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