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"A thousand years ago, the Northern Region of Parai was a beautiful place.

The sun was shining all day, the grass was growing everywhere and each season brought new benefits with it. But then, the Creator decided to shroud the world beneath him in a thick fog, and with this, the wonderful nature of North Parai began to fall apart: The fog blocked out the sun, so it's warmth could not reach the ground anymore,
it reduced everyone's vision, so exploring the world became a much harder task, [...]
and it gave wild Pocket Monsters an advantage over their civilized prey, so surviving became a real challenge.

However, a few of the ones strong enough to withstand all these dangers soon came together and decided to form a settlement, one that should overcome the challenges of time. But where should such a settlement start? Where could they create a safe environment for their children without having to worry about all those new problems?</span>

The answer was simple: They had to find a place in the sun.

A place that represented what their old world looked like. So they searched for it, day and night, and after a long journey, they finally reached what they were looking for: A clearing, where the fog was held from entering it by what seemed to be invisible and untouchable walls. Nevertheless, they were shocked to see the old beauty of their land to have been destroyed by harsh winds, freezing temperatures and thick snow. But soon they asked themselves why there was a place where no fog was present.

They searched for an answer, and soon found it: In the middle of the whole clearing was a sleeping creature, one they have never seen before. It was covered in grey-blue and white feathers, had two triangular wings, two arms with a hard shell covering them and no legs. It woke up, and the settlers told it that they were searching for a fog-free place to settle down. It said that it was the protector of this area, and that they were welcome stay there under one circumstance: They had to swear to not harm the region in any way. The settlers agreed."

-Excerpt from the "History Of the Holy Empire Of North Parai"


What? I'm not the greatest writer, alright?

Well, this piece here was actually not intended for PMDU when I started it, that's why it probably looks a little different from my usual things. Actually it started as a personal painting for concept art, but I found no subject matter for it (I usually paint this typical paramilitary/ Sci-Fi/ Fantasy stuff you already know), that's why I decided it was perfect for a picture that explains the mythology I thought (and still think) of when developing my North Parai region, so yeah, I rendered it with this in mind. And yes, I know we should actually keep legendaries out of PMDU, but well, I've already based the whole region and how it was formed around the myth of this guy, so it doesn't really matter anymore if I paint him in or just hint at him...
And after all, it will be my problem anyways if this legendary will be officially implemented in another way soon XD

Hope you enjoy~
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