Sonic charrie maker Picture

An oc I made from
"Sonic Charrie Maker" [link]
made by [link]

the picture in the top left is a screen shot from the game, and the bottom right is my drawing of her.

name: Selene (means 'moon' in greek mythology)

gender: girl

age: 16

species: mobian fox

personality: shy, smart, and caring

other: she has a special necklace called the "Blue Moon"
which was passed on onto the female generations of her family. the gem is said to posses supernatural powers

somewhere, there is known to be different gems, 6 to be exact.
One is called the "Red flame". Others are "Green Leaf", "Yellow sun", "Aqua water", and "Purple night".

When the gems are all placed close together, it is said to give incredible strength to the wielders.

*cough*like a chaos emerald*cough*
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