The Sacred Landscape Picture

This was one piece made completely for my Mythology solo exhibit! It is based off of the sacred landscape of many Native American cultures. Through my studies I have learned that many Native Americans (from north and south america) regard the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) as sacred. My professor said that in addition many natives (especially pueblo peoples) regarded sacred colors and materials with these directions. Mountains and landforms are often also very important in their mythologies, like at Chaco Canyon or Teotihuacan. I thought it was very beautiful and made this, my view of what she described to us. It didn't come out as surreal as I wanted, but in the end I think it is still alright. The north is associated with black and obsidian, east with white and sea shells, south with red and coral, and west with blue/green and turquoise. For aesthetic reasons we are standing on the sea shell mountain, I just thought it would look better close up than a weird white mound in the distance, you probably wouldn't be able to tell what it was. The sun is setting over the west mountain and there is a very starry sky accompanying it. It is believed that the milky way was a path for the dead, and that was what I tried to depict. All of these colors have heavy symbols with life, like blood (red) or the blue/ green colors of water and earth. It's pretty complicated and this is a couple of classes of stuff kind of thrown together in one painting... I tried to do it justice and native american mythology is comprised of many of my all-time favorite myths. I tried to associate all of the grass and 'life' with the mountains, and between them is just a vast wasteland of desert. I am not very good at that though... I think it made it look like I was being lazy or something
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