APH: As a sunflower Picture

I had a thought about the sunflower mythology, which portrays a dryad falling for the 'God of the Sun'. And, in my own fandom mind, young-Ivan looked up to adult-Yao so much since Yao seemed so big, so majestic. Much time passed and Yao experienced downfalls, but Ivan didn't change his perception regardless. And it was only after Ivan became an adult- when he became stronger and therefore worthy of directly facing the majestic persona of China- that he decided to express it using the sunflower that he loves so much.

...I would've written a fic about it, except I can't write well. So there's the quick summary. XD;

I originally wanted to stick to a particular historical timeline for both their outfits, but ended up making up my own design for the most part.
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