Mercurial Dark Picture

Acrylic, Fabric, spiderweb and bubblegum on Canvas
finished around December 3rd or 6th 2010

An attempt at Mixed media; this one is open to many an interpretation, but the reason for the title is based on the planet Mercury, and lightly on its mythological counterpart.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and so it reaches a heat of such scorching intensity that it remains barren.

However, it can also plummet to intense cold, below 200 degrees Celsius.

This is reflected in my piece by the shape of a heart being exposed to extreme circumstances. Reasons for why it is experiencing these conditions and why it is black, peeling and wounded can only be answered by the viewer.

Mercury is not only rendered without an atmosphere by the burning Sun, but is also followed by Venus which, according to Roman mythology, is the goddess of love and passion.

I have recently had a change of interpretation for this picture. A different perspective.

I guessit happened when I was watching a show where a student was asked by his teacher if he felt that he'd really given his all and given his very best. The kid said "yeah, i do"

It made me think. How many times can anyone honestly say that they have done their best?

As I watched that show it occurred to me that the boy had a good heart. a strong heart.

it made me think of the times i came the closest to giving something my all, and i wonder still today if i truly did.

did i mean to collapse, or was i truly spent from the race, from the climb.

it made me think about myself, which comes naturally enough when you're a selfish ass ;D
and it dawned on me: my heart is weak.
Its a pathetic heart,
easily wounded
and quickly destroyed.
It cannot weather the course of life very well.

It cannot stay warm in the winters, it becomes cold and dark. In the springs and summers, it cracks from the rapid change of life's temperature. Ever since the fall, it peels, it breaks.
It has been corrupted.

Also from that show, Boy Meets World, there is an episode where the teacher demonstrates friendship using canvas cloth.

Sturdy, firm and not easily torn, but give it even a small snip with the scissors, and its integrity is corrupted.
There are shreds of torn canvas on the image of the heart.

There was only a small tear in my heart, but it compromised me.
I chose that.
A Weak Heart. The Heart of A Coward

Its freeing in a sense to know this of myself. It explains things. "Know Thyself", even if the truth isn't what you wanted to hear. I don't know. The painting was an experience I guess, was not particulary fond of it when i first made it
but it has since grown on me. makes me think, and its kind of cool that the meaning of your work can sort of evolve for you in meaning, and for other people. It sort of picks up speed and bulk as it rolls down the hill. I wonder.

Thankyou for taking the time to read, I feel that i can communicate safely with my doodles and stuff i post here and am appreciative towards deviantart for providing us all with an audience to communicate to.

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