Lady Jessica Atreides from 'Dune' Picture

This is my own interpretation of the famed sci-fi character from the "Dune" books. Lady Jessica was the official concubine to Duke Leto Atreides in the first book, as well as mother to the protagonist, Paul. She was part of a powerful guild of women called the Bene Gesserits, who were special women trained in combat, detailed control over their bodies, political subterfuge, neutralizing poisons, and mind-manipulation. The Bene Gesserits (or as I affectionately call them, the Evil Nuns), had ordered Lady Jessica to only have daughters, but she disobeyed. She'd fallen in love with Duke Leto & gave him the son he wanted instead, hence breaking the rules and making the Reverend Mother (head of the order) very angry.

Much of Lady Jessica's looks are left up to the imagination of the reader, although the way she was interpreted in the various films isn't always consistent. I loved how pretty she was in the 1984 "Dune" movie, and was very angry when they chose an ugly, knife-nosed BLOND to play her in the 2004 miniseries. I had no comment on her at all for "Children of Dune," b/c I didn't like that miniseries in general.

The book described her as having bronze-colored hair & green eyes, and she sounds highly intelligent, tall, elegant, and no doubt tasteful in fashion when she has to be. Whenever a Bene Gesserit disciple is designated to live as a concubine to a great noble, she is then required to completely immerse herself so she can blend in with the local society of the planet he governs. In Jessica's case, she'd immersed herself in the culture of Caladan, the watery world that her lover ruled until they were re-located to Arrakis, the famed desert planet nick-named "Dune" in the story.

I used Azalea's Goddess-maker [link] to interpret Lady Jessica. She's 1 of my fave sci-fi characters. Her looks were partially influenced by the white gown the character wears in the 1984 "Dune" film, when the Duke's family first arrives on Arrakis. (Good idea to wear white on that planet too, considering how hot & how bright the local sun is). The teal background represents her love of water & the Caladan she had to leave behind.

There's a lot more to be said about the "Dune" series, but it's a highly complicated story & I really don't want to write it all on here. Not everyone knows about this series or even likes it, but those who do will understand the character above & where she comes from.
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