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this is a character i made for my BFA project at art school. it was made for a 6.5 min short film, called Hun Kin.

the project was an animated rendition of the myth of the Hero Twins in Maya mythology, of how the sun and moon came to exist. the plot was that the hero twins defeated the lords of the underworld through a series of challenges, and by doing so, they become the sun and the moon. thus giving rise to the first day, which is the meaning of the title.

since the story is an epic that i had to cram into a shorter timeframe, the original story had to be change a great deal. i spent weeks just tweaking details in the story...which drove me nuts, b/c i could decide on little details, making it more complex than it needed to be [etc]

this character's name is Hunahpu [hoon-uh-poo] who in the end becomes the sun. the model sheets here show the transition from 2D lineart to the 3D model. it also shows the different state changes i incorporated into the story, where after touching a mystical object he is like 1/2 god and 1/2 human in "hero" mode, and then later into the sun god mode.

i kept it low-poly so as to keep it manageable for my computer and the comps we had in school. i didn't want to have extremely heavy high-poly models that would make animation a pain in the ass.

i'm still working on this project, mostly b/c i want to have it look good, and i don't know most of the operations i still need to do, like better lighting, VFX, good compositing, etc.

responsible for modeling, UV texturing, rigging, weighting, and animation of this character. [as well as concept art, story development/ storyboarding, art direction, compositing, lighting.] i did all of the work, with help of others on certain aspects [mostly paint weighting and story development]. which was stupid, b/c it'd been so much better if i had collaborated. oh well, next time.

created in Maya 2009 [how ironic] and photoshop cs4.

you can view a highly unfinished version of it here: [link]

hit that there download button for bigger view
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